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Our latest release can be purchased through CD Baby, Amazon, and ITunes. We are also offering our first release (in the Name of Beauty) on an order basis. We will be adding ordering information on our website soon. If you would like a copy sooner, feel free to contact Kelli, KJ, or Lynda via email, and we'll get you the pay-pal information for ordering In the Name of Beauty.
Our Marketing advisers recommend we encourage you to buy the CD for three reasons. 1) It is an investment in truly non-volatile storage. 2) It will stand out from all of the burned CDs you may have kicking around your collection, and 3) Fritz has done some really good work on the art. So download all you want... (we won't complain) but trust us... the CD is worth it.
Click here to get to CD Baby!
Download the songs/Buy the CD from AMAZON!
The album can be downloaded through ITunes